Customs Clearing

customs clearing agent

Customs clearing may be an essential method before products can be imported in U.S. In the event that a shipment is cleared, at that point the shipper will give documentation affirming customs duties that are paid and the shipment can be handled. Each nation has its possess laws and controls for the consequence and trade of merchandise/products/goods into and out of a nation, implemented by their individual customs authorities, the bringing in a few merchandise/products/goods may be confined or illegal totally. A wide run of penalties are confronted by those who break these laws. We ISF Customs Broker can help importers to facilitate your customs clearing process and prepare the required documents needed to clear the merchandise/products or goods in U.S customs. Customs Clearance also known as Single Entry Bond. You can use this entry bond once. Below are the basic Customs Clearing Process, if you are having difficulties understanding about these steps call us for FREE Import Consulting.

Customs Clearing Process

    1. Since shipping & manufacturing done by you/supplier/shipper. You're Hiring us, to submit your ISF (visa), Entry (passport) & Import-Bond's with Customs (Nothing More)
  1. 6-7 days BEFORE your cargo is in US, you will be receiving FINAL-import-document (Arrival-Notice/AN) from your Forwarder/Vessel/Etc. AN (ie; Taxi from Port to Hotel)
  2. After submitting your FINAL-import-document (AN), within 72 hours, Customs / Agencies will notify Duty/Tax, Exams-notice (IF any), Subject-to Agencies (IF any) & Etc
  3. Customs Clearing / Entry payment: Check (personal/company) or Wire (info will be email with Invoice), But If it's Time-Sensitive (Cargo in US, Exam or Etc), only wire is accepted.
    2. Entry fee:
  1. Service fee (Any US Ports) = $50
  2. Customs Clearance filing (Any US Ports) = $195
  3. US Customs Duty/Tax = (IF any) HTC / HTS / Harmonized Tariff Code (after 2nd HTC/Supplier) OR call/email US Customs Import Specialist Team (Government/our Fees)
  4. Harbor Maintenance Fee (HMF) ( .001250 X your invoice value) (ONLY-for-Sea-Shipments) (Government Fees)
  5. Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF) ( .003464 X your invoice value) (min of $25 and max of $485) (Government Fees)
  6. IF Subject-to: FDA, EPA/DOT, USDA, FWS & Etc.: SUBJECT-to agency Document's processing $85 + Messenger submission fee $45 (Government/our Fees)
  7. IF X-Ray Exam & Etc (Code) +Exam Processing $135 +IT / TE / IE / 7512 / 3499 / PTT $195 +Messenger submission $65 +Split AN / AWB $100) (Government/our Fees)
  8. Service Agreement (if any) & Import Bond (IF subject-to) or SEB / Single Entry Bond Standard (if any)/ SEB+Subject-to (if any) / SEB+ADD (if any) (Customs Requirement)
  9. IF you have own Continuous Bond or Single Entry Bond also known as customs clearing, please email us copy of the bond, before your entry is file with US Customs, to avoid RE-filing fee.
  10. FULL container / RoRo / AIR / Etc = Entry Filing $195 + Service $100 + above #3-11. Above are LCL (LESS-container-load)
  11. USED Household Good (HHG) / personal Effect (PE) & ETC: Entry for LCL ($434.76) or Full / RoRo / Etc ($534.76) + Exam/Duty/Etc + Import Bond (IF subject-to)
  12. Payment (check or wire) Customs-Released Doc: PICK-UP your own shipment, Trucking arrangement, your Freight Forwarder LCL / FULL & your Warehouse.
    3. FYI: All international cargo, after unloading from vessel. Arrival-Notice (AN) has FINAL-info's of cargo, such as pick-up location (CFS warehouse / terminal)
  1. LCL cargo are automatically place at CFS warehouse, until Customs / Agencies has identify who, what & etc. It could only pick-up by you or designate Individual//trucker.
  2. Full containers/Etc are automatically place at Terminal, until Customs / Agencies has identify who, what & etc. It could only pick-up by trucker with access permits only
  3. CFS Warehouse / Terminal (ie: HOTEL for cargo) is FOUND at AN; as you pick-up or truck (ie; as you check-out), fee are pay Directly to warehouse / terminal (storage / etc)
  4. Terminal / Warehouse are chosen by issuer BL / AN / Vessel / Exam-site / Customs / Agencie / Etc, depending who has space available & Etc (99%, importer has No say-so)
    4. BEFORE you could receive your cargo, Customs-Released (aka; Pick-up-Order/3461/3299/7501/Etc) MUST be issued by us/Customs (MUST satisfied ISF & Entry)
  1. Customs clearing/Entry (passport to your cargo) could be file only with Arrival-Notice (AN) aka FINAL-Import-Doc from your Forwarder. AN is issue 6-7 days BEFORE cargo is in US port.
  2. Issuer Arrival-Notice (AN) info is FOUND at Bill-of-Lading (BL) aka cargo-travel-TICKET. BL is issued BEFORE leaving foreign port, by shipper. Issuer AN is agent of BL.
  3. Arrival-Notice/AN (ie; Taxi / Shuttle from Port to Hotel) is Unloading & moving to warehouse/terminal. Must pay directly to issuer of AN, (ie; pay directly to Taxi/Shuttle Co.).
  4. ie; US to China (Vice-Versa): Visa (ISF) & Passport (Entry), buy a Airline-Ticket (Bill-of-Lading) from origin, Taxi (Arrival-Notice) from Airport to Hotel (warehouse/terminal)
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    , BEFORE paying some Foreign-Person in Foreign-Country.
  1. As owner of cargo, you're RESPONSIBLE for all import law (not your seller, nor anyone) ie; As owner of Car, you're RESPONSIBLE for all traffic law (not the seller, nor).
  2. As Certified Public Accountant (CPA) provides Tax filing service (aka IRS-Broker). We / Import-Customs-Broker (ICB) arrange ISF, Entry & Bond filing services.
  3. Don't expect Foreign-person (supplier/ seller/ shipper) in Foreign-Country to know OUR Import-Laws, nor to advise/help you with our Domestic-Import- Laws.
  4. All Premium/Commission/Services/Arrangements/Etc Fees are full Earned (No Refunds, No pro-rates & Etc). ISF final ruling is 6 years & Entry/Customs Clearing is 5 years (IRS is 7 years).